maison belle

  Maison Belle was founded more than 15 years ago by Isabella Smith
and has since produced effective cleaning and care products
with a very special and fantastic fragrance composition.
We care about the environment - all products are biodegradable.

 Everyday luxury and efficiency

   Maison Belle

A range of products that cover the need for cleaning in the home.
Dishwashing, laundry, descaler, kitchen grease, need for cleaning the bathroom - there is a special product for every need. 
And universal products also with seasonal fragrance. Convenient and easy to use with the trigger spray.
The products each have their completely unique and fantastic scent of fruits, flowers, herbs - which gives you the feeling of well-being in your clean home. All fragrance with natural fragrant essential oils.
Danish produced and biodegradable.
Plastflaskerne kan genanvendes.



          The plastic bottles can be recycled by sorting the empty plastic bottles, then can
the plastic is recycled for new energy, new packaging or other products.

 French everyday luxury

 Savon Liquide de Marseille

French hand soap that is gentle on the skin and rich in nourishment 
natural glycerin. Smells so nice of lavender, rose or lemon / mint. The color of the soaps is incredibly beautiful and the labels are with French
The liquid hand soap is made from pure vegetable oils and
produced in France and is a "Savon de Marseille", which means that
it is made. following traditional methods of quality protection and
the craft.
The story of Savon de Marseilles is that of the French king for more
one hundred years ago issued a decree on how the Marseille soap
should be made. In this way, the good quality was maintained and exclusive
to call the soap Savon de Marseilles secured.

Essential oils have been used for centuries in food, perfume, cosmetics and as aromatherapy. The oils can awaken the senses. Some oils may have a calming effect, others may have a more stimulating effect. All for your well-being.



The beautiful and unique labels for both Maison Belle and Savon liquide de Marseille are
easily recognisable. 
All the labels for Maison Belle are in beautiful colors and a strong
graphical design. The Savon liquid de Marseille label is graceful and with fransk raffinement.



Maison Belle
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DK-2680 Solrød Strand

Phone + 45 56 13 12 00

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